5 reasons why idling your car is harmful

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 5 reasons why idling your car is harmful

Did you know that idling your car is harmful for many reasons?

Here are the top 5 reasons why car idling is harmful:

  1. Wastes gas: 3.8 million gallons of fuel is wasted on unnecessary idling in USA. Just 12 minutes of idling daily burns enough gas to drive 24 miles – two minutes idling = one mile of driving.

  2. Wastes money: $13 million is spent in USA, daily, on car idling. Also, an important thing to mention is that idling is actually illegal in some states.

  3. Contributes to global warming: Every 10 minutes of idling that you cut from your life, prevent a pound of carbon dioxide, a harmful greenhouse gas, from being released into our atmosphere.

  4. Bad for your health: Increases in various health problems such as asthma, allergies, heart and lung disease and cancer, have all been linked to idling. Children are particularly susceptible and vulnerable, as they inhale more air per pound of their body weight, and a lot of idling happens near schools while parents wait to pick up their kids. So think of them, and turn off your engine.

  5. Bad for your engine: Contrary to popular belief, idling can actually damage car components. It’s a common myth that turning your engine on/off constantly can damage it, but it’s none other than that, a myth. There’s no need to warm up your car before driving, and today’s cars actually warm up more efficiently while driving, than idling in a driveway.

We hope that we raised your awareness on idling and that you’ll turn off your engine.

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